The Amazon Rainforest Fires

Katie Goldin

Right now, the Amazon is burning — we’re going to talk about why this is happening, what’s at stake, and what you can do to help. With special guest Miles Gray.


How you can help the Amazon!

1. WWF 5 Ways To Help The Amazon

2.Donate to protect an acre of rainforest

3. Rainforest Trust

4. Defend Indigenous rights and protect the rainforest by donating or signing a pledge

5. Signal boost the Indigenous Women's March

6.Learn more about Indigenous Rights

Images of the beautiful animals on this episode!

7. The glass frog

8. A very Kermit looking glass frog

9. The incredible & freaky decoy building spider

10. Boto river dolphins (plus bonus picture of a boto dolphin peeing)

11. Giant otters KILL A FREAKING CAIMAN while squeaking adorably

12. Bald Uakari monkey looking red-headed and pink-faced

13. Adorable hyacinth macaw interview