Katie Goldin

Today on the show, SUPERSTITION! Black cats, crows, ravens, and a mysterious demonic monster… where do superstitions come from? What are the facts behind the superstition? And are crows really conspiring against us. Discover this and more as we answer the age-old question, do satanists like to kiss cat butt? With special guest Joey Clift.


1. 50% of polled Americans are superstitious

2. The Papal Bull behind black cat superstition

3. Kattenstoet cat parade in Ypres, Belgium!!

4. The legend of the Catsith

5. Do satanists sacrifice black cats on Halloween, probably not

6. Black cat's protective fur

7. BF Skinner's pigeon experiment

8. Study: Ravens can make complex plans

9. Ravens can talk!

10. This raven can talk too!

11. The aye aye hunting