Pseudoscience Psucks

Katie Goldin

Today on the show we’re talking PSEUDOSCIENCE! Did you know that sometimes people claim things are scientific, but whoops, they’re not? We’ll be looking at some scammers, some flim-flammers, some people who claim things are scientific but they’re maaaaaaybe not really. With special guests Katy Stoll and Cody Johnston.


1.Study on redness and association with sex

2. Snub nosed monkeys

3. Bearded vulture makeup

4. Baboon utopian society

5. Testosterone not correlated with attractiveness

6. Races do not differ genetically


8. Whoops, sometimes snakes have legs

9. Horses with extra hooves

10. Neural crest cells are what make dogs so cute

11. Pseudoscience whistleblowers

12. Hey, guess what? Physiognomy is still dumb!

13.Darwin almost thwarted by pseudoscience