Ear Bleach

Katie Goldin

Today, we’re going to talk about CUTENESS! Why do we love baby animals? Do baby animals love us? What are some of the cutest studies in science? Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: yikes, what’s it like to give birth to a baby porcupine? With special guest Bridgett Greenberg.


1. Peak-a-boo researcher

2. Sea turtle swim suits

3. Cutest age for a dog study

4. Sea lion puppy covered in sand

5. Prehensile Tailed Porcupine "talking"

6. Image of Prehensile Tailed Porcupine's boopable snoot

7. Daily Herald cuteness article

8. Hamster wheel study

9. Mosha the elephant gets a prosthetic leg

10. Rampaging elephant stops to save baby

11. Selfie quokkas

12. Image of Quokka

13. Dik Dik alarm call

14. Shy Dumbo Octopus

15. "Venezuelan Poodle Moth"

16. Birb bounces golf ball