Right Now in Creature Feature

Real Life Superheroes!

Did you know there are animals out there with real comic-book super powers? And people with superhuman abilities? Today, we’ll be looking at the real life animal and human counterparts to famous superheroes, and maybe some super villains too. With special guest Soren Bowie. 

Aw, Rats!

Join us today as we look at some of the most mind-blowing, most important, and weirdest scientific studies that have been done on rats. Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: is there eternal sunshine of the spotless rat mind? With special guest comedian Pallavi Gunalan.

Transformers (Octopuses In Disguise)

Today we’ll be talking about SHAPE SHIFTERS, tales of terrific transformers who have some shocking before and after pics. What’s got two thumbs and started life out as a tiny donut? Can snails take laziness to a freaky new level? Humans and animals on the lam: how would you escape the heat? With special guests Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Younes of the Ethnically Ambiguous podcast. 

BONUS: Introducing Science Rules! with Bill Nye

Bill Nye is on a mission to change the world— one phone call at a time. On his new podcast, Science Rules!, he tackles the curliest questions on just about anything in the universe. Perhaps you’ve wondered: Should I stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? How often should I really be washing my pillowcase? Can I harvest energy from all those static-electricity shocks I get in the winter? Science Rules! Is out NOW - find it in your favorite podcast app.

Weapons of ASS Destruction

Insect butts explode, spraying deadly chemicals! Hippos make poop rockets! Scorpions are willing to literally throw away their anus in deadly combat! We’re talking about some of the nastiest acts of foul-play in the animal and human kingdom. With special guest Kimia Behpoornia. 

City Slickers

Today, we’re talking about city slickers: how do animals cope with human cities?  What are some of the ways animals have adapted to human society? And did we domesticate dogs, or did dogs domesticate us? With special guest Katie Willert. 

Seven Deadly Sins Part II: Electric Bonobo

On this nail-biting conclusion to The Seven Deadly Sins, we're covering lustful birds, greedy chimps, and gluttonous sea squirts. We'll also discuss some freaky stories of human sinners! Join us today as we excommunicate some tunicates! 

The Seven Deadly Sins (Part 1)

Let the species who is without sin cast the first stone. Slap some scarlet letters on these sinful animals who best symbolize each of the seven deadly sins. We'll also look at the science behind human sin, referencing texts that may not be holy, but are certainly peer reviewed. Featuring Katy Stoll from Some More News. 

The Dark Tetrad

Today we’ll be talking about the most evil killers, kidnappers, murderers and bloodthirsty lurkers walking… or crawling… among us. Then, we’ll answer the age old question: who’s the most prolific serial meow-derer? Featuring Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown of Ridiculous History. 

Extra Sensory Pawception

We go beyond the five senses to explore the uncanny ways that animals (and people) are able to perceive the world. That kid from The Sixth Sense is a lame nerd compared to the creatures featured in this episode. Featuring Jamie Loftus of the Bechdel Cast. 

One Flew Over

Can animals suffer from mental illness? We explore issues of mental health, imprisonment, and midlife crisis in animals and humans, while also clearing the good name of cuckoos. With special guest Hana Michels. 


Photos for Episode 6 of Creature Feature: Woah Mama


Holy mother of animals... from feasting upon mommy's flesh, to mom mafias, these creatures will make you rethink motherhood. Join us as we explore some of the scariest mom (and baby) monsters, both human and animal. Sometimes mommy dearest is mommy deadliest. With special guest Miles Gray of The Daily Zeitgeist. 

Worst At Sex Awards

Today on Creature Feature: We visit a freaky Frankenstein of fornication, the sex zombies who roam the earth, and a murderous stalker of amorous teens. Which of our animal contenders will bring home the gold in the first annual Worst at Sex Awards? With special guest comedian Eric Lampaert of the Topical Island Podcast. 

Reefer Madness

Apparently "Just Say No" doesn't work on animals. We look at the most seedy vices in the human and natural world. Doped up dolphins, bats with DUIs, naughty otters, and a drunken mutiny on a Russian plane. With special guest Robert Evans from Behind The Bastards and Cracked.com.

Eat, Prey, Die

Death is just another part of life... or is it? Let's explore some of the strangest ways of coping with death in the animal and human world. We'll look at freaky funerals, real-life zombies, brains in jars, immortality, and most importantly... chicken hypnosis. With special guest Cody Johnston, host of the Some More News Podcast.


You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than in this episode. We'll cover pyromaniacs, fishy scams, kleptomaniac penguins, and what moral philosophy has to do with sex. With special guest Alex Schmidt (Cracked Podcast.) 

Weird Love

It's a kink-off between humans and animals! No type of love is too strange: Man and car? Woman and Eiffel Tower? Rat and cat? We'll find out that Cupid is one sick pervert. Featuring Alex Shifman, host of the podcast “At Least There’s This.” 


We take a critter’s eye view to explore how animal behavior parallels humans. Join host Katie Goldin as she, comedians, and science-lovers get inside the minds of animals.