Right Now in Creature Feature

Back from the Dead!

Today on the show, we’re talking about animals who are BACK FROM THE DEAD! Animals who were previously thought to be gone from the face of the earth get rediscovered: reports of these animals’ extinction have been greatly exaggerated. With special guest Forrest Galante from Animal Planet's Extinct or Alive.

  1. Extinct or Alive TV show
  2. The Pinocchio Lizard
  3. The Horned Frog
  4. Giant Extinct Crocodiles
  5. Thylacosmilus was a Bit of a Doof
  6. Gastric Brooding Frog
  7. A Case for De-Extinction
  8. A Case Against De-Extinction
  9. The Saola

Monster Mash

Happy Creatureween everyone! Today on the show, it’s a Monster Mash! All the classic horror movie monsters, brought to life through the very real world of science! We’re looking at animals who can truly call themselves Dracula, real life Frankenstein’s monsters, and ghoOOost sharks! Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: can a dog lick you to death? With special guest Jamie Loftus.


  1. Halloween crab & halloween snake
  2. Dramatic emo vampire squid
  3. Vampire finch
  4. Dracula ants
  5. Doggy licks of death
  6. Serial killer kitties love human blood
  7. Lions of Tsavo
  8. (TRIGGER WARNING: ANIMAL CRUELTY) Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
  9. Slightly suspect TedX talk using bananas as models for human head transplants
  10. Pig brains being reanimated
  11. Gator pops
  12. Ghost Shark 2013 movie
  13. The real "ghost shark," a deep sea cutie pie
  14. Ring tailed lemur
  15. Black and white ruffed lemur

Evolutionary Horror Stories

We love horror movies and horror stories, but when it comes to pure blood-curdling terror, there’s no competing with mother nature. We’ll compare some classic horror tropes to their real-life counterparts, and let me tell ya: when it comes to evolution, the director’s cut holds nothing back. Parasites that contort your body and mind to their will, evil flowers and even more evil worms! With special guest Emily Yoshida of the Night Call Podcast.


  1. Video of leucochloridium paradoxum
  2. Our DNA stealing friend, the delloid rotifer
  3. Carrion beetles staying calm and carrion
  4. Everyone welcome onto the U.S.S carrion beetle
  5. A hot, young David Attenborough explains the corpse lily
  6. A parasitic hairworm noodling its way out of a cricket (warning: gross)
  7. Russian nesting worms
  8. Eyebleach: cat discovering its own ears


Today on the show, SUPERSTITION! Black cats, crows, ravens, and a mysterious demonic monster… where do superstitions come from? What are the facts behind the superstition? And are crows really conspiring against us. Discover this and more as we answer the age-old question, do satanists like to kiss cat butt? With special guest Joey Clift.


1. 50% of polled Americans are superstitious

2. The Papal Bull behind black cat superstition

3. Kattenstoet cat parade in Ypres, Belgium!!

4. The legend of the Catsith

5. Do satanists sacrifice black cats on Halloween, probably not

6. Black cat's protective fur

7. BF Skinner's pigeon experiment

8. Study: Ravens can make complex plans

9. Ravens can talk!

10. This raven can talk too!

11. The aye aye hunting

Batty for Bats!

Happy October everyone! This week: Dunanunanunanuna BAT FACTS! Why do bats hang upside down? How did bats become associated with Dracula? What are some of the craziest bat species in the world? Discover this and more as we answer the age-old question: If Batman was bitten by a radioactive bat, what powers would he have? With special guest Molly Lambert from the Night Call Podcast.

1. Bats in folklore2. Common vampire bat3. Hairy legged vampire bat4. Trumpet-nosed bat5. Lesser long-nosed bat covered in pollen6. The effects of myth on attitudes towards bats7. Bats and Halloween8. BATS ON A TREADMILL! 9. Madagascar Sucker footed bats10. Bats & Rabies facts11. Flying fox bat12. Bumblebee bat13. Big-eared bat14. Hammer headed bat15. Honduran white bat16. Honduran white bats snuggling17. Wrinkle-faced bat18. Chapin's bat (punk rock bat)19. How to do bat real estate20. DANCING BATS

Aliens Under The Sea!

Giant bugs, animals that clone themselves, things that come back to life after being eviscerated... if you're looking for aliens, you can find them under the sea. And later on the show, we’ll be speaking to a professor of marine biology who invited an octopus into his home! With special guests comedian Chris Crofton and Professor of Marine Biology David Scheel.

1. Goblin Sharks (they look like MR. BURNS not MR. SMITHERS whoops)
2. Giant isopod
3. Atolla jellyfish
4. Proboscis worm
5. Sand dollars are freaky
6. Planarians regrow their bodies
7. Octopus, Making Contact

Pseudoscience Psucks

Today on the show we’re talking PSEUDOSCIENCE! Did you know that sometimes people claim things are scientific, but whoops, they’re not? We’ll be looking at some scammers, some flim-flammers, some people who claim things are scientific but they’re maaaaaaybe not really. With special guests Katy Stoll and Cody Johnston.


1. Study on redness and association with sex
2. Snub nosed monkeys
3. Bearded vulture makeup
4. Baboon utopian society
5. Testosterone not correlated with attractiveness
6. Races do not differ genetically
8. Whoops, sometimes snakes have legs
9. Horses with extra hooves
10. Neural crest cells are what make dogs so cute
11. Pseudoscience whistleblowers
12. Hey, guess what? Physiognomy is still dumb!
13. Darwin almost thwarted by pseudoscience

Animal Appetite

Today on the show we’re talking WEIRD DIETS! Animals eating other animals eating other animals! Humans eating well… some pretty freaky things. Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: is cannibalism good for you? With special guest Smart Mouth's Katherine Spiers.


1. A lotl Axolotl
2. Greenland sharks
3. Horrifying Fine Dining Lovers article
4. Vilhjalmur Stefansson
5. Butterflies drinking turtle tears
6. Tear drinking moths harassing birbs
7. Vegan ortolan
8. Marijuana-fed pigs
9. Potato-washing macaques
10. Red colobus monkeys detoxing
11. Peruvian parrots eating dirt
12. Spices as defensive weapons
13. Blind snakes survive being eaten and escapes toad's b-hole
14. The Honey Hunters of Nepal
15. Bee getting punched in the face by a flower
16. Tapir "climbing" a tree

Legend Smashers

We’re going to explode some myths about human and animal biology & psychology, and discover that the truth really is stranger than fiction. With special guest comedian and Nerdificent co-host Ify Nwadiwe.

1. Komodo dragon venom
2. Bees are angered by the color red
3. Mathematician & grandfather of the scientific method, Ḥasan Ibn al-Haytham
4. Unihemispheric slow wave sleep
5. Lionesses synchronize their "periods" (estrus)
6. Immortal jellyfish
7. Scallop eyeballs
8. Horse mustaches!!!
9. Bornean bearded pig
10. The mystery of wombat cube poop, solved?

Cryptids are [REDACTED]

The truth behind Mothman, The Chupacabra, and Bigfoot! Today, we’ll be looking at the facts behind cryptids, what it would mean if they actually existed, and the real animals that are just as crazy as the cryptids themselves. With special guest Tess Lynch of the Night Call podcast.


1. Mothman
2. Sandhill crane
3. Barred owl
4. Owls or aliens?
5. Owl without feathers (artistic rendering)
6. Do those legs go owl the way up
7. Vampire bats
8. Giant Gippsland earthworm
9. Giant Gippsland earthworm sounds
10. Gigantopithecus blacki


Today we’re talking about getting bamboozled, pulling shenanigans, getting conned by caterpillars and hoaxed by horses. With special guest Laci Mosley.

1. Chinstrap penguin stealing rocks
2. Gelada male

3. Firefly femme fatale

4. Hawk moth caterpillar mimics viper

5. Passion flower mimicry

6. Automimicry
7. Conformity elevator experiment

8. Jumping spider ant mimics

9. Jumping spider mimicking one ant carrying another (this is ONE spider)

Ear Bleach

Today, we’re going to talk about CUTENESS! Why do we love baby animals? Do baby animals love us? What are some of the cutest studies in science? Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: yikes, what’s it like to give birth to a baby porcupine? With special guest Bridgett Greenberg.


1. Peak-a-boo researcher

2. Sea turtle swim suits

3. Cutest age for a dog study

4. Sea lion puppy covered in sand

5. Prehensile Tailed Porcupine "talking"
6. Image of Prehensile Tailed Porcupine's boopable snoot

7. Daily Herald cuteness article

8. Hamster wheel study

9. Mosha the elephant gets a prosthetic leg

10. Rampaging elephant stops to save baby

11. Selfie quokkas

12. Image of Quokka

13. Dik Dik alarm call
14. Shy Dumbo Octopus
15. "Venezuelan Poodle Moth"

16. Birb bounces golf ball

Fant(ass)y Creatures

Join us today as we talk about the history and stories behind mythological creatures, and find out that they have real-life animal counterparts who are just as magical. With special guest Alex Shifman.


1. Bombardier Beetles

2. Warsaw Basilisk

3. Basilisk lizard running on water

4. Argentavis Magnificens

5. Terror Birds

6. Detachable penis

7. Horrible picture of a Stegodyphus lineatus spider being eaten by her babies

8. Atacama skeleton

9. Horrible picture of a "real" Jackalope (papilloma virus infected rabbit)

Go Home Nature, You're Drunk

We’re answering some of the weirdest questions about evolution and anatomy, like how do woodpeckers keep from scrambling their brains? What animals have not one, not two, but three vaginas? Why would a doctor want to sew your leg on backwards? Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: what are some of the most bodacious boobs in the animal kingdom. With special guests hosts of the podcast Ridiculous History, Noel Brown and Ben Bowlin.


1. Weird woodpecker tongues

2. A kangaroo's three amazing vaginas

3. Elephant honkers

4. The Colugo Flying Lemur (who is not a lemur)

5. Woman whose organs were flipped

6. The popcorn-smelling Binturong

7. The dank Maned Wolf

8. The beautiful Snub-nosed Monkey

9. Pterosaurs were flying death machines

10. Video of the Iranian Spider-Tailed Viper

11. Video of the Mexican Mole Lizard

12. Katie's slideshow!

There Is No "I" In "Teamwork" But There Is An "Ewok?!"

We’re going to look at some wild animal teams, how they compare to humans, and what the robot-dominated future may hold! Discover this and more as we answer the age old riddle: what animal doesn’t feel pain and loves eating poop? With special guest comedian Blake Wexler.


1. Dog frees friends from a kennel

2. Dog frees tied up dog

3. Do Dogs Know Other Dogs Are Dogs?

4. More info on nake mole rats than you even want to know
5. Naked mole rats eat poop

6. Zombees

7. Social spider web
8. Dogs and humans dream team defeat neanderthals

9. Cattle tyrant majestically riding a capybara

10. Devil's gardens

Adorable Animals Who Want To Murder You

Today we’re talking about some adorable animals who look so sweet and cute, and who want to murder you to death. We’re talking the most surprisingly scary animals you should be afraid of. Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: what the heck is catfish noodling? With special guest Sofiya Alexandra.


1. World's Weirdest: Killer Cone Snail

2. Noodling for catfish

3. Poison pass: the man who became immune to snake venom

5. Slow Loris

6. Platypus venom

7. leopard seal feeds photographer

8. Hippo's skull, showing the large canines and incisors used for fighting.

What A Tool!

Today we’ll be talking about tools! Tools of the trade, tools of torture, and tools of, well, hehe, you know. Bow-chika-wa-wah! What’s a butcher, a tailor, and a bendy-stick maker got in common? They’re all birds! Discover this and more as we answer the age-old question: what’s the most humiliating thing to happen to an eel? With special guest Carmen Angelica.


1. Bottlenose dolphins wielding sponges

2. Video of a tailor bird sewing leaves together

3. New Caledonian crows create their own hooks

4. The Brazen Bull torture device

5. Butcher bird impaling its prey

6. Macaques using human hair to floss

7. Palm cockatoos drumming to get the ladies

8. Elephant's big D energy

9. The weird world of dragonfly wieners

10. The woman who has trained herself how to run like a horse

Correction: Living root bridges are found in Meghalaya, Northeast India. 

David and Goliath

Today, we’re talking the classic tale of David and Goliath, unlikely matchups with even unlikelier conclusions. Discover this and more as we answer the age-old question: what’s the best way to round-house kick a wasp? With special guests Alex Schmidt and Dr. Greg Pauly.